Display Racks

Display Racks are the necessity of modern-day supermarkets

Display racks provide you with the most important usage of displaying products in supermarkets, malls, stores, etc. As we all know, the availability of space to store products in large amounts has always been a restriction in the supermarket business. In such a case, you are required to have a solution that can provide you with the storage and presentation of maximum products while being space-effective at the same time. Display Racks are the solution to this problem of retailers. 

Features of Display racks

Since Display Racks have been introduced, they have become an integral part of the product displaying units in supermarkets and shops. These are the racks that are not required to be fixed at any specific area or wall. These can be moved very easily from their position according to the product displaying needs and space restrictions. These are free-standing racks, which are designed to store and display goods on both of their sides.

The design of these racks is made while keeping in mind all the requirements of the retailer and customers as well.

Specifications of Display Rack

The Display rack made by Bombay Steel Industries is made up of mild steel material which provides extended durability. It is a free-standing unit that can be moved from one position to other and there is no need to mount it on the walls or any support structure is also not required.

The shelves are present on both sides of it and they are 4 in number on each side. 

Benefits of using display racks

Below, listed are some benefits of using Display racks in your store and supermarkets:

  1. Better option to display products

As mentioned before, Display racks are free-standing racks that can be placed anywhere, unlike the traditional racks and shelves mounted in walls. Therefore, these racks are usually placed near the billing counter and contain the items of our day-to-day use so that users get their eye upon these items and purchase at least one thing from the displayed items.

  1. Space saver

Since, both the sides of these display racks for supermarkets can be used to put products, which is different from traditional racks and shelves, where only one side is usable, Display racks provide a more space-effective solution

  1. Suitable for different requirements

One of the major uses of Display racks is that they are moveable, making them suitable for putting different types of items according to the number of products available in the stock. Say, at the time you have a large stock of groceries but do not have empty shelves to showcase extra products, then you can put a display rack in the grocery section for displaying products. Thus, Display racks for grocery stores provide the most implicit solution to the changing needs

  1. Most cost-effective solution

Display racks are the most cost-efficient option available for retailers. Along with providing large storage capacity with minimum space consumption, which comes at very low prices, it becomes the perfect fit for the retail store.

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